Computer Cleaning Management Solutions, Data Centre, Server Comms Room Services

We specialise in server room cleaning and have secure data centre rooms and server rooms throughout the UK. Our services include Data Centre Cleaning, Clinical Cleaning, Computer Room Cleaning, Server Room Cleaning and Comms Room Cleaning.

We offer flexible working hours so there are no interruptions to your normal working day and the running of your data centre. We take pride in the quality of work, and match this with some of the most competitive pricing for Server Room Cleaning in the UK.

The small amount of dirt from your working environment or even seemingly unnoticed debris can cause harm to your data centre at the least convenient times. Our skilled data centre cleaning technicians will carefully clean your valuable equipment whilst in a sterilised environment.

IT equipment is sensitive and requires a particular cleaning process to be carried out by skilful server room cleaning technicians . Our fully trained team operates in house and work to strict industry standards. We use only the most highly developed and appropriate equipment available, and our technicians are experts in cleaning system rooms without damaging any delicate mechanism or causing loss of important documentation and data.

In  Data Centres, Computer and Server Rooms, equipment surfaces are cleaned using specialist materials, with designed entirely for the unique cleaning job at hand. We only use cleaning products and equipment with anti-bacterial and anti-static properties and equipment that is specially designed for cleaning systems rooms.

A Regular clean of your Server Room, Data Centre and Computer Room will help prevent the risk of static electricity, contamination which causes equipment to overheat, unnecessary wear to mechanism and unwanted downtime or reduced life.  Cleaning your Data Centre assures a smooth running of your operations on a day to day basis.

We are able to tailor our services to suit your requirements. We offer an emergency turnaround if needed and our company can provide you with Method Statements, Risk Assessments and References on request.

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